X8 Access Issues, Please Help!

Cannot access X8 device even after setting up account and api key (even during hours the device is supposed to be up and running), Please Help!!

  1. xcc (xanadu-cloud-client) is installed correctly and able to connect to cloud (version 0.3.2)
  2. I have a working xanadu cloud account and api key
  3. x8 device shows as offline through Xanadu Cloud Webpage (even during working hours)

Related console messages (listed below):

  • Successfully connected to the Xanadu Cloud (shows when running xcc.commands.ping)
  • INFO - Program previously compiled for X8_01 using Xunitary. Validating program against the Xstrict compiler.
  • HTTPError: The target specified for this job (X8_01) is not online.

Hey @TimeMelt, welcome to the forum!

To request access X8, you need to contact hardware-access@xanadu.ai. If you do that and are granted access, the instructions to follow are here: Executing programs on X8 devices — Strawberry Fields

Let me know if that helps!

Sadly this does not help, I have already been granted access by emailing hardware-access@xanadu.ai and have generated an api key. I have also already followed the instructions that you ljnk to (followed correctly). The api key lets me connect and even shows a success message. I try to access the devices during the specified working hours and it is still showing offline message. It’s like the devices are not online even though they are supposed to be.

Update: I emailed hardware-access@xanadu.ai about the issue and I have been informed that X8 is undergoing maintenance due an unforeseen issue. X8 should be back online by February 13.

Ah! Good to know :). Thanks for this!