Can no longer use my API Token to access hardware

Hello, I have been using strawberry fields to run some of my circuit programs on the X8 hardware, however, just recently I found I am unable to use my access token as it is no longer working with or store_account(). I may have missed the email to finish setting up the whole process for Xanadu Quantum Cloud, can anyone help me out?

Hi @antonhibl, welcome to the forum!

Are you able to access your account at
If you can access your account you can go to the ‘Keys’ tab and click “Generate a Key”. Go through the flow and follow the instructions here to activate your device with the key.

If you cannot access your account try resetting your password.

Please let me know if this works!

Yes this worked for me, thank you for helping me out with this! It looks like my old API token had expired and I just needed to regenerate one again.

That’s great! I’m glad it worked! Enjoy using Strawberry Fields! :strawberry: :smiley: