Masters research paper implementation

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Am a masters CS student and have to implement a research dissertation project in about 10 weeks. I was looking for a Quantum related project ideas and found 3 research papers as listed below.

Blind Quantum Signature with Blind Quantum Computation - NASA/ADS

I would like to get your opinion about the impact , difficulty and how to implement these papers with Pennylane environment. what will be the challenges and is it feasible to complete this within this limited timeline. If want to choose one from this list, which would be best considering above points ?


Ragunath Chandrasekharan

Hey @DreamzUpAbove! Interesting idea. I can’t speak to how feasible or worthwhile it will be to work on this, but you picked a great quantum programming language to tackle things with! If you have any questions about PennyLane please post them here :slight_smile:.