Beginner friendly tutorial

Hi my name is Tjark Ziehm from the nordicQuantum workgroup @ university of applied sciences ( and ) My students in the course “Introduction to Quantum-Computing” have requested a more beginner friendly version of the tutorials for persons who are not straight PhD in math,physics and information :slight_smile: My course has the content and the student wish to build it to a pennylane tutorial with code an a dive to all needed explanations.
Is there an interest to push this to the documentation?
3 Persons are working on it the next weeks…
Best regards Tjark

Hi @tjarkziehm,

This is great to hear! We are definitely interested in more content for beginners. We have a Community section in our demos page and this would be the best place to add these tutorials. We will promote them in our social media when they’re up there!

You can submit them as an issue here.

You can find some guidelines for your tutorials here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there are other ways we can support you!