Excited to Contribute to PennyLane

Hello PennyLane Community,

My name is Jimmy and I’m really excited to start contributing to this amazing project. I’ve been closely following the progress and developments in the field of quantum machine learning and have found PennyLane to be a fascinating tool bridging the gap between quantum computing and machine learning.

I have a background in Quantum and have worked with variational quantum circuit projects. I’m particularly interested in PennyLane , and I would love to explore how I can contribute to that area of the project.

I’ve already forked the repository and set up the development environment on my local machine. I’ve also started to familiarize myself with the contributing guidelines.

Could anyone guide me towards some issues that might be good starting points? Also, if there are any additional resources or advice for newcomers to this project, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Looking forward to being a part of this vibrant community and contributing towards the growth and development of PennyLane!


Hey @Jimmy_Yao! Welcome to the forum and to the PennyLane community :smiley:!

In principle, if you see any unsolved issues, pull requests, or if you have any ideas for new features to add to PennyLane, you can go right ahead and dive in! There are no rules about what you can or can’t contribute to PennyLane, you just need to make sure that you follow the contributing guidelines (which it looks like you’re already familiar with :grin:).

With that said, to get your feet wet you can look at good first issues. These are issues that we’ve labelled as good for newcomers to try and solve/fix :slight_smile:. I recommend checking those out first!