Recent QML Literature

So, I’ve been out of the QML game for a couple of months and I was looking to start a new project, but before I get too deeply into that I’d like to do a survey of the QML literature over the last year or two, with an emphasis on variational quantum algorithms. Mostly what I’ve been finding are very broad reviews of things that I largely already know, eg

Does anybody have good literature recommendations to get back up to speed with the current state of QML in general and variational algorithms in specific? Are there any big development in the field from the last year or so I may have missed while I was working on other things?

Hey @Adrian_Kaczmarczyk! Welcome back :grin:

I asked some folks here at Xanadu for a curated list and this is what they recommended:

It’s hard to make a list that summarizes everything, but I think list will occupy a good amount of your time :wink:

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