Quantum Computer Access?


So I am happy with my installation of PennyLaneAI examples, next questions. How do I access a live Quantum Computer using pennyLaneAI? I have full access to https://www.ibm.com/quantum-computing and it works fine and is easy to use. I have ran out of tokens for https://cloud.dwavesys.com/leap/login/ but don’t feel like making a new Github every month since I prefer to host everything on one github here. I have know idea how to access either PennyLaneAI or TensorflowQuantum or if they even have public access?

As far as configuration I have seen this help page here which shows how to setup the config.toml file in the ~/.config/pennylane folder on Linux, that should be simple enough. What is a bit confusing is how to make important login information secure. (I guess I can edit the file when I am live and then delete the cloud based file on exit).

So I found the https://www.xanadu.ai/request-access link.

Hi @jerteach,

The PennyLane plugins page gives you an overview of hardware interfaces.

The link you sent below is what you need to request access to Xanadu’s devices.

Keep in mind that, with few exceptions, companies charge for access to their technology.

Good luck!