How to use a real hardware for VQE?

Hello everyone.

I have a question. Where can I see the tutorial for accessing any real hardware (for example, the IBM real backends) to run my VQE program that I wrote using Pennylane?

Thank you very much for the answer.

Hi @verstrikt,

You can learn about using our PennyLane-Qiskit plugin here in the docs. We’re working on making more tutorials that will make it easier for you to learn how to use this plugin. Give it a try by installing it with pip install pennylane-qiskit together with the latest PennyLane version and let us know if you run in to trouble or need some help!

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Thank you! I will try it.


You have demos on how to use IBMQ via Pennylane:

If you have an error in the device about your account already exist you need to create a provider object and pass it to the divide. Like this:

from qiskit_ibm_runtime import QiskitRuntimeService

# For an IBM Cloud account.
ibm_cloud_service = QiskitRuntimeService(channel="ibm_cloud", token="MY_IBM_CLOUD_API_KEY", instance="MY_IBM_CLOUD_CRN")

# For an IBM Quantum account.
ibm_quantum_service = QiskitRuntimeService(channel="ibm_quantum", token="MY_IBM_QUANTUM_TOKEN")


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Thank you so much for sharing this @Christophe_Pere ! :raised_hands: