Progress continue on different PC

Hi there,
I wonder if I can continue my codebook progress on different computer.
How can I share the cache to another device?
Hope there is some kind of account system so I can continue my study :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @jheo2807,

Thank you for your question - we are indeed looking into accounts that will allow you to associate your progress with your account but that is going to take a while to implement.

In the meantime, the most reliable option is to copy your code into a document and then paste your answers into the Codebook in the new computer.

I realize that’s not the most ideal way, and maybe there are other options (you could, in theory, copy the cache of your browser in one computer and transfer it to another device - but that will override the entire cache in the latter device and I’m not sure what else it would change so I don’t recommend it just to transfer your progress in the Codebook) but, again, this is the most reliable one and the one that will have the smallest amount of impact on other things associated to your two devices.

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Thank you for the suggestion! :grinning:

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