Opinion and suggestions for I.1

Are the textbook and challenge designed to be independent of one another? I sometimes find repetitions between the textbook and the challenge, especially in I.1, whereas later nodes such as I.5 the challenge has a strong focus on pennylane.

Although I.1 is a really solid module (I like it even more than Nielsen & Chaung’s intro :smile:), it is a long and challenging module compared to the ones that come after it. Perhaps splitting it into 2 nodes can be considered (this is just an opinion :sweat_smile: ).

This is great insight @Kamal_Mohamed! And a great compliment too :blush:. The idea is that both sections could be independent from one another. However, there shouldn’t be many repetitions either. I agree that splitting it into 2 could be a good solution. I’ll discuss this with our quantum educators and hopefully you will see this change in a future release of the codebook :smiley:.