How many qubits can pennylane provide(maxcount)

How many qubits can pennylane provide? (maxcount)

As I understand X8 provides up to 8 qumodes. With the ability to user-specify cutoff dimension, the computational space is of dimension n^m, where n = cutoff dimension and m = number of qumodes.

sorry, I don’t understand this. Before, we used 16 qubits for simulation, so we want to ask how many qubits the pennylane platform supports at most.

How many qubits can a classical computer with 16GB of memory simulate at most?

Hi @zj-lucky!

The limitation is not only on memory, although it is important. On a normal laptop you should be able to simulate about 20 qubits. Simulating more that 25 qubits is hard on a laptop. Please let me know if this answers your question!

Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz
For qumodes, is 8 still the maximum number?

Yes, thank you very much

Hi @sophchoe! If you’re running on hardware we have the X8 device which has 8 qumodes. Today we have launched the Borealis experiment where you can use over 200 qumodes.

You can go to the quickstart demo to check it out for free on the cloud.

@CatalinaAlbornoz Oh Great! Fabulous!!!

BTW, I am done with my MNIST 4-qumode classifier and uploaded to my GitHub page. I would like to update ReadMe file as per your recommendation. Could you forward me a link to the page of the content?

Thank you.

I have 64gb of Ram and can max simulate 21Qubits

Hi @sophchoe, that’s great! I have added the new description. We will merge the demo next week and I will send you the link when the demo is merged. Have a good weekend!

@CatalinaAlbornoz Thank you so much!

Hi @sophchoe, the demo is on the website! You can find it here. We will promote it tomorrow. Please let me know if you would like us to tag you on Twitter.

@CatalinaAlbornoz Thank you so much for all your help!

It seems that this needs to be removed from your demo site since it’s just a shell.

Hi @sophchoe, what do you mean that it’s just a shell? I don’t think I’m understanding.

@CatalinaAlbornoz I was mistaken. Never mind.