Pennylane Simulator Type: Statevector, MPS?

I was wondering whether Pennylane is using Statevector as the simulator. Does Pennylane support tensor-network simulators (e.g. MPS)?

MPS of IBM simulator can support up to 100 qubits according to [Simulators overview - IBM Quantum].

If Pennylane supports MPS, can we use a 40GB or 80GB GPU to simulate 100 qubits? Thanks!

Hi @Jim,

PennyLane allows you build tensor networks and we have templates such as MPS and TTN as you can see in our tensor-network quantum circuits demo.

However I can see that your question is more geared towards fast simulation of quantum circuits. You might want to try out Jet, which is our library for tensor-network contractions. Unfortunately it’s not compatible with PennyLane but it may be the right tool for what you need to do.

Otherwise, you can try circuit cutting in PennyLane in order to be able to simulate large systems. We have been able to simulate specific 100-qubit circuits by using circuit-cutting. I recommend that you take a look at our circuit-cutting demo to see some examples of how to use this, and please let us know if you have any questions.

Does this answer your question? And was circuit-cutting useful for your application?