Documentation in qml.kernels

I am seeing all functions in kernels, and I think it would be nice to add an explanation of what is the purpose of that function. For example, what does polarity mean in terms of evaluation, target alignment, etc.


Hi @Albert_Nieto, welcome to the Forum and thanks for your feedback!

We do have a small description at the bottom of the qml.kernels page. This explains the relationship between kernel-target alignment and kernel polarity for example. Is this what you were looking for? Or was it something different? If so, could you maybe provide an example so that we can get a better sense of what would be helpful here?

Thanks again!

Hi Catalina, thanks for the welcoming.
Yes! Description is nice. What I think it would be nice to add is an explanation like: “polarity tells you how well the kernel function can differentiate between the classes. A higher polarity means better separation”. Or “the kernel’s ability to separate the classes”.
Just a suggestion, as I don’t know much about the topic and I think it would be a nice introduction for people like me. :grinning:

Ah I see! Thanks for the clarification @Albert_Nieto . I actually think this would be a nice introductory content for working with kernels. I’m not sure that the docs is the best place for it but maybe a short demo on what these functions are, what they mean, and how to use them. And then linking to that demo from the docs.

I don’t think this is in our content roadmap at the moment but I’ll share this suggestion with our team.

Thanks so much for the feedback! And if you feel confident with the topic you can write this content yourself as a blog post or community demo :raised_hands:

Anytime! My master thesis is about kernels, so I may write a community demo when it’s done. Thanks! :grinning:

That would be great @Albert_Nieto!