Contribution towards Pennylane


I am not sure how to contribute this towards Pennylane, can anyone please tell me how to do that?

As I have a new version of an existing notebook ready on geometric machine learning, on github and so I would like to offer up that minor contribution to Pennylane, as the definition of a group isn’t properly defined in the original here: Introduction to Geometric Quantum Machine Learning — PennyLane

I have been working to modify that to mention the closure axiom, which is shown on Wolfram’s definition of a mathematical group:

I know I am a first time contributor to Pennylane, but I was hoping to start with that.


Thomas N Toseland.

P.S. Hopefully I can do more than that in the future, but I don’t like notebooks that use mathematical definitions, without specifying all the necessary axioms.

Hi @Thomas_Toseland, welcome to the Forum!

It’s great to see you here!

In the guide here you will find everything you need in order to contribute your notebook as a community demo.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the process. And it’s great that you want to contribute your knowledge for others to learn!

Thank you for this, I look forward to sending you my attempt at contributing to pennylane, once I’ve made a working prototype.

Awesome Thomas! I look forward to seeing it!