Remote demo request


A colleague has told me about pennylane at the last python meetup and I am looking for someone who can demo the library at the evening of python coding. Andrea Mari referred me to this mailing list in hope I can find someone from the community who can do the demo.

The evening of python coding is an online meetup hosted by both the Austin python meetup and the DC python meetup. Each third Tuesday of the month we pick a python library or tool and demonstrate it to our audience.

You can find many demos we did in the past here:

The demos do not have to be very long or complicated - in fact a simple “hello world” demo showing the library would be fine. The presenter does not need to be an expert developer - we like community to present as well. However, we do ask that the demo would be hosted online on github or some other public repository for future reference.

Initially I saw this demo which seems almost perfect:

However, I noticed that you have many other quantum related libraries in this discussion group that seems interesting. If someone wants to do a demo of one of those libraries and not only pennylane, it would be welcome.

However; we would like to have more demos related to quantum computing.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this message or email me directly at:
jacob dot barhak at gmail dot com

I hope someone can help bring some quantum computing demo to our audience.


Hello Jacob!

Welcome to the forum! I have sent you an email.



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