Available squeezing parameters

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I was wondering if the present state of Borealis carries the capability of injecting different squeezing parameters into different input modes. For example can we prepare an input state with squeezing parameters for modes 0,1,2 as r[0]=‘low’, r[1]=‘high’, r[2]=‘medium’ by manually filling out part of the output of the borealis_gbs() function?

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Hi @Emil_Zak, welcome to the forum!

You can in fact change the squeezing parameter for different modes. For instance you could use the following code to set the first 3rd of the modes to high squeezing, the second third to low squeezing and the last third to medium squeezing.

r0 = device.certificate["squeezing_parameters_mean"]["high"]
r1 = device.certificate["squeezing_parameters_mean"]["low"]
r2 = device.certificate["squeezing_parameters_mean"]["medium"]
r = [r0] * (modes//3) + [r1] * (modes//3) + [r2] * (modes//3) 

Please let me know if this is what you were looking for!

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Thanks, your response answers my question :slight_smile:

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