Ability to determine if X8 can take job without having to run job?

Hi everyone! I have been working with the X8 device running GBS. To be able to easily run jobs, I wanted to be able to see if the X8 device is on and can take jobs, especially as the device is not online all the time. Is there a way to determine this information? Thanks!

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Hey @Samarth_Sandeep, your question is very valid and there are discussions of the cloud team about this!

For the time being it is best to refer to the hours of operation of the X8, which are 11am - 7pm ET Mon-Thurs. To make sure, you can check the status of the machine by submitting a small job.

In the coming months we will be releasing a hardware dashboard as part of the admin panel that will have full info on the hardware status, update error messages to be more informative about times and status, and set up new endpoints with in the api to list devices and statuses. So watch the space :slight_smile:

Hi @Maria_Schuld!

Sounds good, thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to an admin panel like that into the future :slight_smile:

PS: Really love your paper on quantum circuits being kernels in QML! Helped me understand the effectiveness of quantum devices in ML a lot more, and pretty sure I have shared the paper with everyone I know.

Ah, happy to hear it helped, that was the goal!

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