Want a complete instructional video tutorial

Although there are many videos that teach about QML and QNN, they remain at the theoretical level. Is there a hands-on video tutorial on VQA by Pennylane? This tutorial should include teaching how to choose the right Ansatz and the skills of refining the loss function in training, as well as showing the code writing step by step. I really want to really understand VQA from theory to practice, but it seems that I am still confused and unable to implement a VQA program of my own.

Hi @RX1.

We have this video which might be helpful.

I don’t know if this video will answer all of your questions but you can join us at our community call this Thursday at 11am ET at the Unitary Fund Discord on the community-call voice channel and you can ask any questions that you may still have.

There are also good written resources such as this blog post which includes a good code example at the end and there are a ton of other practical demos here.

Please let me know if this helps!

Dr. thank you very much for your reply. I have already watched the video you recommended. It puts too much emphasis on theory without practical teaching. As an engineering student, I urgently need to improve my ability to transform results

Hi @RX1, I understand.

We hope to have video tutorials out next year but for now I would recommend this demo on a variational classifier.

Here you will see how the layers, the embedding and the cost function are built. You can even download the code as a Jupyter notebook or Python script and modify it according to your problem.

As a short summary, the goal in QML is to create quantum circuits with parameter which we can tune to model our problem. In PennyLane this is done by finding the gradient of the circuit and using optimizations techniques to get the best parameters.

Please let me know if this helps or if some topics are still confusing.