Unable to install Pennylane, eventhough Pennylane has Python Wheel 3


I am trying to use Pennylane in my pyscript code but every time i add it I get the following error (PY1001): Unable to install package(s) ‘pennylane’. Reason: Can’t find a pure Python 3 Wheel for package(s) ‘pennylane’. See: Frequently Asked Questions — Version 0.24.1 for more information. Pennylane has a Python Wheel. I am using the following to add Pennylane as a Package.
<py-config> packages = [ "pennylane"] </py-config>
I have also tried to uppercase the p in pennylane. What could be causing this?

Thank you

Hey @Mushahid_Khan! Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

If I’m not mistaken, I think pyscript will only let you install “pure” python packages. There are some dependencies in PennyLane that will be troublesome (e.g., rustworkx).

I’m curious to hear what your use case is for needing PennyLane to run in a browser :thinking:. Is it something that you can’t use something like Google Collab for?