Issues installing Pennylane and Pennylane-chem to server

Hi I have been trying to install Pennylane and Pennylane’s chemistry libraries to a lab server. The server uses python 3.6.9 and I dont have sudo access. I have been trying to install POennylane and Pennylane chem for use on the server in a virtual env, but have been facing issues. Further, I tried toi use Docker (our machine has docker with python 3.8) but still faced various issues with the same. Any help/advice is apopreciated.

Hi @Rquant,

The latest PennyLane versions work only on Python 3.7 and newer, but maybe you can install an older version of PennyLane on your python 3.6.9. I still suggest that you install PennyLane on a brand new virtual environment to prevent future issues. I’m not sure what version of PennyLane will work for what you need to do, but the latest version that supported Python 3.6 vas PennyLane v0.15.

Please let me know if this solves your problem!

Hey can you tell me what verison of pennylane as well pennylane chemistry (qchem) will work with 3.6?

Hi @Rquant, pennylane v0.15.1 and pennylane-qchem v0.15.1 will work with Python 3.6

Please let me know in case you still have trouble with these versions!

Hey Catalina, So any idea what version of pip or wheel I’d need. I think I just get a no distribution found error for getting these versions.

Hi @Rquant, I tried it with pip 21.2.2 and it worked. You just need to write the following line in your terminal and it should work.

pip install pennyLane==0.15.1 pennyLane-qchem==0.15.1

You might need to install some requirements for qchem, that you can find here.

Let me know if this works for you.