Superiority of quantum implementation

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I did not find any category suitable for this. using Q-CNN, accuracy decreased and loss increased. what is the point of using Quantum here?

Hi @Chicago_Girl , welcome to the Forum!

You’re touching on a great point! Quantum computers are worst at almost everything compared to classical ones (so far). There are some problems however that quantum computers may be able to solve better. Problems in chemistry like predicting the properties of certain materials to a high degree of precision is an example. Possibly quantum machine learning is another domain but there’s still active research in the field to figure out what problems are well suited for quantum computers.

I encourage you to read our blog post on benchmarking near-term quantum vs classical algorithms for quantum machine learning.

The main takeaway message here is that we need to keep exploring and dig deeper to understand how to make the best out of this new technology. There’s still a world to discover here and that’s exciting!

Let me know if you have any further questions.