Stuck in I.11.4

Hello I want a conceptual clarification of as we know %%(Z \otimes I)(I \otimes Z) = Z \otimes Z$ How to get that problem solved please Help.

Hey @SUDHIR_KUMAR_SAHOO , you’re solving the I.11.4 codercise, right?
If I understand correctly, is this what you’re wondering about?
(Z\otimes I)(I \otimes Z) = ZI \otimes IZ = Z \otimes Z

Sometimes, if you get stuck on the code, it can be very helpful to look at the right side of the Codebook, where the mathematics of what you’re coding is explained in detail. :slight_smile: Could you try to look at the right side of I.11 and see if that helps you understand the left side a bit better? For example, exercise I.11.4 (on the right side!) might be helpful here. :slight_smile:

@Ivana_at_Xanadu Thanks for your reply. I have already solved that problem.

Hey @SUDHIR_KUMAR_SAHOO, are you still stuck?

No no. Already cleared that one.

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Okay great! If you have any other troubles along the way please write back to us here :slight_smile: