Outdated code in exercises F.2.1 and F.2.3

In the new codebook, both F.2.1 and F.2.3 have the following line of code:
bits = [int(x) for x in np.binary_repr(basis_id, width=dev.num_wires)],
which uses a deprecated attribute: DefaultQubit.num_wires. This can be easily fixed by replacing dev.num_wires with num_wires.

:open_mouth: Thank you very much for reporting it @diemilio !! We’ll make sure to fix it. How are you liking the new Codebook?

The new codebook is great! Right now I am just moving my code from the old codebook to the new one so I don’t lose it again. There are still a few sections I haven’t completed yet, so I am looking forward to working through some of them in the near future.

I love to hear that!
Let us know what you think about the new sections. And if there’s a section that we don’t have and that you’d like to see please let me know too!