S.5.2 Wrong description

In codercise S.5.2 the function to convert the integer values into the relevant ascii chars is named as “ascii”. However, the actual function that implements this conversion in Python is “chr”, and using “ascii” returns gibberish. I believe this description needs to be modified.

Hi @KarimAED, welcome to the forum!

It’s great to see that you’re using the codebook.

Was it confusing to you because ascii was written in between quotation marks ("")?

The hint suggested that you should use the function “chr”. It never really suggested that you use a function called “ascii”.

I want to fully understand which part is confusing so that we can fix it. If can copy the exact text or upload a screenshot of the confusing line(s) it would help.

Thank you for letting us know about this confusion.

Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz,

Now that I see the hint, it is also clear to me. I think it’s just the sentence:

Pass each of the received numbers to ‘ascii’ to read the hidden message.

What confused me was that ascii was in quotation marks and that the verb “Pass” was used, which I associate with passing an argument to a function. Maybe the alternative description

Convert each of the received numbers to ‘ascii’ format to read the hidden message.

would be clearer. The hint would then read

To convert a number n to ‘ascii’ format you must use the function ‘chr(n)’

Let me know what you think about this suggestion.

Thank you @KarimAED! I’ve created a new issue on the codebook repo with your proposed changes.

I agree that the new wording reads better.

Keep enjoying the codebook and I hope to see you at QHack!