PennyLane quantum machine learning workflows

Three helpful resources for improving PennyLane quantum machine learning workflows. The first is derived from “Using PennyLane” documentation, the second is qml demos modified or improved, the third is coding tips with examples cross referencing two other languages.

'ChemicalQDevice - How to Succeed in PennyLane Library: For Medical Developers
ChemicalQDevice - All PennyLane Python Quantum Machine Learning Demos Seminar
ChemicalQDevice - 100 Coding Tips for Qiskit, Cirq, or PennyLane, a Special Event

Hi @kevinkawchak , thank you for sharing your slides.

We also have a PennyLane survey where you can let us know your thoughts about PennyLane so that we can keep bringing you amazing features :star_struck:. We appreciate your feedback!