Random number generator using interferometer

Has anyone here used the X8 for generating random numbers using the HOM interferometer? How did you go about it? Were the results satisfactory?

Hey @musouza, welcome to the forum!

Really great question. Nothing that I know of from our side. Maybe someone else here can help :eyes:

A friend of mine was tinkering with his X8 and decided to try using the HOM interferometer for generating random numbers. He spent a weekend diving into the setup, tweaking the parameters, and fine-tuning everything to get it just right.
After a few trial runs, he found that the results were actually pretty satisfactory. The interferometer was able to produce a stream of numbers that seemed truly random, which was exactly what he was looking for in his project.
As for me, when I’m faced with a situation where I need a random number and can’t find a solution, I usually just toss a coin or use a coin flip simulator.

Hi @KendrickBright, welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing these insights! Feel free to invite your friend to the Forum too. I’m sure more than one person would love to hear insights on how they did it or see their code if possible.