Quantum gate for building circuit

In the process of constructing the quantum circuit of continuous variable (CV) quantum systems, I found that the quantum gates seem to be different from the previous ones, which have a certain matrix form, such as xgate, which is equivalent to Pauli x matrix. Could you tell me the reason? Or are they equivalent, just different expressions? Can you provide some theoretical references for me to study? thank you!

Hi @hhx! Great question.

In CV quantum computing you have qmodes instead of qubits. The way you represent a state in each of them is different and so you will have different sets of gates available for you to use.

This introduction can help you see the similarities and differences between both models. Feel free to explore the Strawberry Fields website to find other resources, or ask any other questions you may have here.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your answer. I will follow your advice and study hard. If there are any questions in the follow-up, I will ask you again. Thanks again!

No problem! Enjoy Strawberry Fields!