Plotting gates as circuits

Is there any way to plot the gates as a circuit diagram?

Hi Kareem,

This is a feature of some of the PennyLane backends - for example, Project Q has a circuit drawer, and so does Qiskit, which now supports PennyLane via the new Qiskit plugin.

Strawberry Fields currently does not include a built-in circuit drawer, but there is a community project in progress to add this to Strawberry Fields.

Thanks for your quick response
I know most of these but i meant for CV gates
I think I will draw them myself.
Can you please provide me with a matrix representation of CV gates that would be great
Thanks again

Sure, a great resource is the Strawberry Fields documentation, especially the conventions page, to see the definitions of the gates.

For the matrix representation of the Gaussian gates on the quadrature operators, you can refer to the PennyLane CV ops documentation.