Qiskit.remote is wrong

I’m planning to use the rigetti.qpu.ankaa-2 device on Azure Quantum, but only backend is available on Azure Quantum, there’s no way to use the pennylane device directly, like

dev = qml.device('qiskit.remote', wires=n_ qubits, backend=configured_backend()).

He needs to set configured_backend(), how do I configure this? Like

def configured_backend():
    backend = SomeProvider.get_backend(...)
    return backend

Please give a correct demo for the rigetti.qpu.ankaa-2 device

please help me, tks
best wishes,

Hi @Ding ,

Welcome to the Forum!

My colleague Lillian may have found a solution to your issue. You can test it and let us know if it works for you!

from azure.quantum import Workspace
from azure.quantum.qiskit import AzureQuantumProvider

workspace = Workspace ( 
    resource_id = "", # Add your resource_id 
    location = ""  # Add your workspace location (for example, "westus") 

provider = AzureQuantumProvider(workspace)
backend = provider.get_backend("rigetti.qpu.ankaa-2")

Then you can pass the backend to our remote device and use it.

Source: Submit Qiskit quantum circuits to Azure Quantum - Azure Quantum | Microsoft Learn