Private Test fail but Public Tests succeed

Hello Pennylane Discussion Forum, I’m trying to complete the Certificate Challeng, introduction to pennylane. My code is passing the public test but not the private tests, so I can’t see where I’m going wrong. My code draws the circuit the same as the one displayed in the introduction, so not sure how to proceed (or if I’m allowed to put my code in the forum). I think where my code might be wrong is this loop:

for i in range(len(param_set)//1):

return qml.probs(wires=0)

Hi @Tomas_Chu, welcome to the forum!

We generally don’t encourage you to post your full code so that it doesn’t become a spoiler to others. However what you posted is ok, no need to remove it.

You’re right that your loop doesn’t look right. My recommendation would be to try drawing the circuit for a different parameter set (with a different length) and checking if it’s still what you expect. Are you sure that ‘//1’ is doing what you’re expecting? Are all of the indexes ok?

I hope this helps you!