PennyLane v0.18 Released

We’re excited to announce that the PennyLane v0.18 release his now out of the oven! :fire:

Among the many new features are updates to lightning.qubit :cloud_with_lightning:, a new PyTorch quantum simulator, power updates to the Hamiltonians, and much more :rocket:.

This release is also particularly special in that it includes a lot of contributions from the unitaryHack and Code Together events :raised_hands:. Learn more about Code Together here.

You can learn about the list of new features and updates of the v0.18 release by reading our blog post, or by going through the release notes .

As always, this release would not have been possible without all the help from our contributors:

Vishnu Ajith, Akash Narayanan B, Thomas Bromley, Olivia Di Matteo, Sahaj Dhamija, Tanya Garg, Anthony Hayes, Theodor Isacsson, Josh Izaac, Prateek Jain, Ankit Khandelwal, Nathan Killoran, Christina Lee, Ian McLean, Johannes Jakob Meyer, Romain Moyard, Lee James O’Riordan, Esteban Payares, Pratul Saini, Maria Schuld, Arshpreet Singh, Jay Soni, Ingrid Strandberg, Antal Száva, Slimane Thabet, David Wierichs, Vincent Wong.

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