PennyLane v0.15 Released

We’re very excited to announce the release of PennyLane v0.15. It comes with many new and exciting features, including new hardware device integration, more flexible shot control, brand new operations, and new methods for working with more powerful quantum circuits. :chipmunk: :confetti_ball:

You can read more about our release in our blog post, or check out our twitter thread to get a brief overview of what’s new and updated.

As always, this release would not have been possible without all the help from our contributors:

Shahnawaz Ahmed, Juan Miguel Arrazola, Thomas Bromley, Olivia Di Matteo, Alain Delgado Gran, Kyle Godbey, Diego Guala, Theodor Isacsson, Josh Izaac, Soran Jahangiri, Nathan Killoran, Christina Lee, Daniel Polatajko, Chase Roberts, Sankalp Sanand, Pritish Sehzpaul, Maria Schuld, Antal Száva, David Wierichs.