Pennylane Qiskit Plugin

I am trying to to write a class Converter that takes input a Qiskit’s QuantumCircuit Class object and returns a Pennylane QNode Class object. I know that this can be done by using functions like qml.from_qiskit and qml.load available in pennylane-qiskit plugins. But I am not allowed to use if for some assignment. I just have to draw a circuit showing preparation of bell state. I am able to find a codeblock ( in the source github, but it is only available for Pennylane Plugins Developer, written by Josh Izaac. Please help me with it.

This section contains the API documentation for the PennyLane-Qiskit plugin.


Unless you are a PennyLane plugin developer, you likely do not need to use these classes and functions directly.

See the overview </index> page for more details using the available Qiskit devices with PennyLane.



Hi @Dhawal_Verma, you’re looking into the GitHub pages used to make the documentation for the PennyLane-Qiskit plugin. You can find the full documentation for this plugin on this website.

You can look at the different functions in the API from the plugin’s documentation, and click on “source” on the right-hand side of the function definitions to see the code!

You can use any code you want from the plugin’s GitHub directly too.

Remember to reference any code that you use here in your project. You can cite it as shown in the “Authors” section of the GitHub repo.

Good luck with your assignment!

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