Paper with details of Xanadu hardware

Is there any paper with the details of Xandau’s photonic quantum computer?
For example, I am looking for the following information (including but limited to):

(1) What are the physical/native/basis gates of the device?
(2) What are the fidelities of the operations (gates, readout, etc.)?
(3) Is there any connectivity constraint among Qumodes (similar to the coupling graph of Qubits)?
(4) What are the gate times? Does Qumodes have decoherence issues?

I am familiar with superconducting or in general qubit based hardware. I am trying to match my knowledge of superconducting qubits with this photonic device. I understand some of the concepts may not have any photonic analog.


Hi @asaki and welcome to the discussion forums!

You can find a full list of Xanadu-authored papers here.

To answer your questions:

  • Currently we provide access to a photonic quantum device known as a Gaussian boson sampler. A high level explainer can be found here and you can also request access. However, check out this paper to get an idea of our longer-term roadmap. You can also visit our online docs here for more details photonic states/gates and here within the context of our current hardware.
  • In photonics we typically have to deal with photon loss as the main source of noise, so loss is the common term used as a measure of how well the gate is performing. You can probably find typical loss numbers in our papers but we’d also like to provide them in a single location on our website for each chip.
  • In terms of connectivity, you can see our current chip here. Generally, we are able to implement and control a general interferometer.

I hope this helps!

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