Noval project topic ideas on Artificial Neural Networks related to Quantum Computing

I wanted to switch my career into Quantum for long… but as you know its very challenging due to various reasons. currently am doing my Masters degree as a break from work and use to explore and gain skills in Quantum. I hope, if i can build up this project and Main thesis on QML, that helps to build my profile and can really give a boost for my transition.

Could anyone give some project ideas that I can complete within a week time in ANN related to Quantum. am thinking of some optimisation of QC computation using a ANN model.

thanks for your time. have a nice day.

Hi @DreamzUpAbove,

Welcome to our community!

There are many cool projects that you could do. As an example you could look at one of PennyLane’s demos on quantum machine learning and try to change it or expand it. You can find these demos in the PennyLane website.

You could also look at areas where we don’t have a demo and create a demo yourself! Many members of our community have created excellent demos which you can find in the Community section of the Demos tab in the PennyLane website.

One cool topic for instance is Quantum Reinforcement Learning. You will find a couple of community demos on this topic but there is much more to explore so this is something that you could try out for your project.

I hope this is helpful for you and if someone else has any thoughts on more projects it would be cool to hear more ideas!

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Sure @CatalinaAlbornoz ,
Thank you for the the welcome and suggestion… lemme explore a bit…