Multiprocessing issue with thewalrus library


I have been trying to run a Python script on a cluster with one core. My job has been killed with the following error message:

Here is the error message:
omp_set_nested routine deprecated, please use omp_set_max_active_levels instead.
=>> PBS: job killed: ncpus 119.45 exceeded limit 1 (sum)

My script was supposed to generate GBS samples by using the function hafnian_sample_state. Is there any way to set the maximal number of cores that can be used by the walrus or strawberry fields?

Thank you very much!

Ewan Mer

Hi @ewanmer, welcome to the forum!

The issue that you’re experiencing seems to be related to openmp instead of The Walrus.

I don’t think we have a functionality to set the number of cores. I’m not sure if this is helpful but we have a demo on GBS and the Hafnian. I also encourage you to try out Mr Mustard, it may have some additional useful functionalities that can be useful for you.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have other questions!