Module 'pennylane' has no attribute 'kernels'

Hello. I am currently working on a quantum kernel project and re-using some old codes that I had but everything seems to be breaking when I try to use anything from the kernels file. I am using python 3.8.10.

Hi @Chikharo, welcome to the forum! What file are you referring to? If you can copy your code here and send us the link that you’re referring to it can be helpful.

Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz. I fixed it by manualing downloading the files from the git and pip installing them afterwards it seems that when I installed it directly (pip3 install pennylane) about half of the folders in qml were missing. (This is on ubuntu 20.04).

Hi @Chikharo, I’m glad that you managed to find a solution. Do you know what were the folders that were missing? Or what errors you were getting?