Looking for detailed comparisons between photonic vs other quantum hardware

Hello, I’m looking for resources or literature that compares photonic devices and other quantum computing hardware using some performance metric. In other words, I am looking for grounds that compare the performance of a continuous variable algorithm (e.g. Grover’s search) implemented on photonic hardware vs the implementation of the same on superconducting qubits or trapped-ion qubits.

In case there’s no available literature, is there some performance metric to compare the implementations on a continuous variable and discrete variable simultaneously?

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Hi @LegacYFTw, this is a very interesting question. Xanadu’s photonic devices do very well on problems that can be represented as graphs.

Two researchers compared the gate based model to continuous variable quantum computing (which is the kind of computing you use with Xanadu’s photonic devices today), specifically for the max clique problem. You can find the results of their study here.

I hope this helps to answer your question!

Hey! Sorry for the late reply! This was super helpful as a starting point!

That said I’m still keeping this thread open for any more developments in the future!

Sure @LegacYFTw!

If you do a comparison yourself please share it here so that others can benefit from the information too.