I can't put Toffoli gate

Hi! I want to put Toffoli gate, but apparently my code is keep saying “module ‘pennylane’ has no attribute ‘Toffoli’”. Does anyone have this same issue? If one does, help me out fam!

Hi @Leeseok_Kim! Are you running the latest version of PennyLane? Your can upgrade as follows:

pip install pennylane --upgrade

If this doesn’t fix the issue, could you post the output of pennylane.about()?


Hi- I am using the latest version.
Here is the output.

Hi @Leeseok_Kim, from the output above, it looks like you are using version v0.5.0. Did you try restarting the Jupyter notebook kernel after running pip install pennylane --upgrade?

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Oh yea, I didn’t restart my notebook.
Yes, it works now. Thank you so much!