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For help with PennyLane, including questions and help debugging.

Topic Guidelines

Before posting an question

Please search through existing topics to make sure the question doesn’t already exist!

For general technical details, please check out our documentation: https://pennylane.readthedocs.io

Issue description

Be as descriptive as you can – the more details you provide, the faster the community will be able to help find a solution :slight_smile: This includes posting all code snippets and screenshots in your post, if relevant.

System information

Sometimes, additional information might be required to determine the solution to your question. These may involve providing the following information:

  • Operating system:
    Include the operating system version if you can, e.g., Ubuntu Linux 16.04

  • PennyLane version:
    This can be found by running

     python -c "import pennylane as qml; print(qml.version())"
  • Python version:
    This can be found by running: python --version

  • NumPy and SciPy versions:
    These can be found by running

     python -c "import numpy as np; import scipy as sp; print(np.__version__,sp.__version__)"
  • Installation method:

    Did you install PennyLane via pip, or directly from the GitHub repository source code?

    If installed via GitHub, what branch/commit did you use? You can get this information by opening a terminal in the PennyLane source code directory, and pasting the output of:

    git log -n 1 --pretty=format:"%H%n%an%n%ad%n%s"