I am completely stuck with the problem I.4.4. It would be great if someone can help me on this

@CatalinaAlbornoz please can you help me. Danke :smiley:

Hi @Horacio ,

You’re not applying the correct gates. One very good way to debug is to print your circuit. Copy your code into a Jupyter Notebook in Google Colab, !pip install pennylane there, and draw your circuit with qml.draw_mpl(apply_hxh)(0).

Do you get the same circuit that you need to apply?

I hope this helps you!

My big issu is how to include oder use state argument.
This what i got from Google Coba but i didn’t get how solve it.

@CatalinaAlbornoz Danke . It was so easy i got it.

I’m glad you got it @Horacio !