Question about output of codercise I.8.3

In Codercise I.8.3, we are told that " we’ll print the circuit using qml.draw to investigate which operations were actually used under the hood." However, this is the output I see even though my submission was accepted as correct.

Here is my code
v = np.array([0.52889389-0.14956775j, 0.67262317+0.49545818j])

dev = qml.device("default.qubit", wires=1)

def prepare_state(state=v): qml.MottonenStatePreparation(state_vector=state, wires=0) return qml.state()

prepare_state(state=v) print() print(qml.draw(prepare_state)(v))

Thank you for pointing this out @Kamal_Mohamed!

We should add expansion_strategy='device' in the qml.draw statement in order to see the gates.

Would you like to open an issue about this in the Codebook GitHub repo?

For sure. Here is the link to it.

Thank you @Kamal_Mohamed!