How to specify shots in Mr. Mustard

Based on reading how the Fock backend implements shots, I have crudely implemented shots with Mr. Mustard by just running a very large for loop.

Here is my implementation:

Is there a better way to specify shots within Mr. Mustard? I feel like this isn’t exactly analogous to what the real photonic devices do.

Hi @Samarth_Sandeep.

MrMustard doesn’t have a way to output the samples since the outcome of a measurement only outputs the measurement probabilities.

Maybe section 5 of the readme can help. I’m not sure if your code does exactly what you expect it to do but it’s probably your best option.

Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz!

Thanks for the help! Yeah the efficiency bounds look promising but that still does not seem to be analogous to shots.

Yes @Samarth_Sandeep, shots are just not available in MrMustard unfortunately.

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Hi @CatalinaAlbornoz, thanks for confirming that. Good luck with the planning for QHack! It’s looking to be very awesome :rocket:

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