Help with qutrit matrices

Hi everyone.

I know that Xanadu’s codebook is an excellent resource for getting started with qubit-based QML. I recently became interested in qutrits, and I knew PennyLane had a built-in simulator and operators like TRZ, THadamard, and so on. I was wondering if there was something similar to the codebook for qutrits that would allow me to learn the matrix representations of all operations.

Nonetheless, if no such codebook/resource is currently available, could someone please help me with the matrix version of these operations? I am specifically looking for the 3x3 TRZ matrix. Other matrices (X and Y) are also welcome.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Nabil_Anan_Orka, it’s great to see that you like the Codebook!

We don’t have a Codebook for Qutrits and I haven’t seen that anyone else has made one. However we do have a very good demo on Qutrits and quantum algorithms.

There’s also a recent community demo on Qutrits and the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm. You can check it out too.

We also have a section of the documentation specifically for qutrit operators. In the documentation for qml.TRZ you can see how to obtain the matrices for different parameter choices.

I hope this helps you!

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