Ensemble classification with Forest and Qiskit


I am creating new topic for this. As mentioned in Problem using the Forest plugin - #13 by antalszava
While running Page not found — PennyLane I get:

immutables are installed, the error persists.

Hi @_risto,

Odd that immutables is installed, yet an error is raised for it! Perhaps it would get reinstalled when installing PyQuil.

Could you post the output of the following:

  • qml.about(),
  • pip freeze | grep immutables (executed in a Linux based terminal, if using another OS, then executing pip freeze),
  • gcc --version (executed in a terminal).

Also, if there are more details in the trace, it would be nice to see those.

Hi @antalszava

I get:
C:\Users\risto>gcc --version
‘gcc’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Also, I follow the demo. Another thing, in addition to previous posted error, I get:

Hi @_risto,

Thanks! Could you try installing gcc and then re-trying the installation of the PennyLane packages with pip? It looks like gcc is not installed on your system and we recently saw a somewhat similar case where the problem was that gcc was not installed.

The other warning should be unrelated to this issue.

How do I do that?
I went on the https://gcc.gnu.org/install/index.html and followed the command on https://gcc.gnu.org/git.html . Is this what you meant? I can’t seem to install it. I use Windows 10.

In addition: why don’t pennylane team release information on all the packages & installations necessary for running demos on https://pennylane.ai/qml/ ?
For someone, who is not a software engineer by profession this might be very helpful.

Hi @_risto,

I have just tried installing PennyLane-Forest and PyQuil on Windows 10, but couldn’t reproduce the issue. This would be a complete guide on installing GCC for Windows 10.

Could you perhaps include a complete version of traceback from the terminal? It would be good to see an extended version of the first picture from your original post. Searching for this error doesn’t seem to bring up similar finds, so perhaps there’s another lead in there.

As for the installation instructions, the demonstrations use standard PennyLane packages or if there is any extra dependencies required, then it’s stated in the demonstration itself. For general installation instructions, see this page on the PennyLane website.

We actually build every package used in the QML repo and install it using pip on a Ubuntu system. The complete list of dependencies can be found in the requirements.txt file of the QML repository.

In the case that you are experiencing, there is an issue with installing a given dependency to one of the plugins. This falls out of the scope of the code bases that we maintain. Therefore, what we can try is to help find solutions and/or suggest ideas for debugging issues that come up when installing dependencies. However, if the issues persist, it may also be worth directly asking the maintainers of the package for directions (in this case pyquil and/or the maintainers of immutables via GitHub).