Data Reuploading Classifier

Hi! I have a small, maybe nitpicky comment about the data re-uploading classifier demo page. If we have a 30% probability of being in the |0> state and a 70% probability of being in the |1> state, the associated state quantum state vector isn’t [0.3,0.7] as this isn’t a normalized vector. You would have to take the square root.

Just thought that I would mention this typo since some people might get the wrong idea.

Hi @andynader, thanks for catching this! This is indeed incorrect.

I’ve made a PR to fix this here:

If you spot anything else, feel free to open a GitHub issue directly on the repository — this is the source code for the demo website, and the team will be able to move quickly and get it fixed.

Alternatively, feel free to open a PR as well — contributions are always welcomed!