Accelerating execution speeds in Strawberryfields

Due to the high dimensionality of computation in strawberry fields, it takes a very long time for codes to execute with a much smaller size of circuitry. Now, I need techniques to fasten my codes, hence this open-ended question. How can I increase the execution of strawberryfields codes?

  • Particularly, as in pennylane, we have support for JAX-JIT. Can we get something like that in strawberryfields also?
  • Since we need the tf backend for qml and optimization in particular, do we also have parallelization in the code automatically?

I know complete answers are difficult for these but a discussion would help!!
Thank you

Hi @Prabhat_Prabhat,

We’re not actively working on Strawberry Fields at the moment but you’re free to make a fork of the repository and add the functionalities that you need. This may take a long time to do though so you may want to look into alternative approaches.

One reason why the computation may be taking a long time could be the cutoff that you chose. The higher the cutoff the better you will represent the system but the more computationally expensive this will be.

Try lowering the cutoff and see if you can still run your simulations well.

I hope this helps you!

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