QFT on Photonic backend

Is it possible to run Gate circuits like QFT, QPE, Shore’s Algorithm on the strawberry fields backend? In particular a real photonic device?

Hi @john_anthony,

Welcome the the forum! There is a StrawberryFields (SF) plugin for PennyLane (SF) that provides PL’s quantum machine learning capabilities with SF’s photonic quantum computing framework. However this only support continuous variable operations e.g Squeezing or Displacement

Running qubit based circuits on photonic hardware would require theoretical translation of the quantum information processing occurring from qubit to optical circuits. This process is not currently automated between PL and SF but there has been work toward this e.g a photonic realisation of Shor’s algorithm. Additionally it may be revealing to consider the bosonic limit of qubit systems which links N-qubit systems to the quantum harmonic oscillator using the Holstein-Primakoff Transformation

Let us know if you have any more questions!