Which gate to be in circuit?

While working on graph data, I don’t understand how I should use the gates(X,Y,Z, CNOT or Hadamard) in the pennylane demos. What gates do I need? How to decide which gates?Https://pennylane.ai/qml/demos/tutorial_qaoa_maxcut.html

Hi @GONUL_SABAH, welcome to the forum!

In PennyLane remember that the “not” gate is actually not X but instead PauliX. The same happens with PauliY, and PauliZ. You can find more about the operations in PennyLane here.

In general we first need to encode the problem, which in the example we do by applying rotations RX and RZ. We also use CNOT and Hadamard in order to entangle our qubits.

The exact decision on what gates to use usually comes from papers where research is done to find the best encodings and the best algorithms to solve specific problems.

Does this answer your question? If not please let me know.

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