Where do I find experimental/official numbers to test my VQE simulations of ground state energy?

I was messing around with this demo and attempting my own experiments with VQE for finding the ground energy of melocules, but now I’m struggling to find experimental sources or data to verify my results. I feel like I checked absolutely everywhere but I can’t find any sources anywhere for measured ground energy levels for even the basic VQE molecules like H2, H3, LiH. I hope this isn’t off topic but I’m not sure where else to turn to. Thanks

Hi @PulsarDude

This is not off-topic at all. In fact, we have just what you need in our quantum datasets :star_struck:.

We have a short tutorial on how you can use these datasets to get the full CI energy of the various molecules we have available (the tutorial shows how to do it for the H2 molecule). You can use these values as a reference for your own experiments.

Let me know if you have any questions about accessing and using our quantum datasets.
I hope this helps!

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